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Immigration Services

For individuals and their families who are planning to work, study, invest or set up / run a business in the UK.

Immigration Services
Immigration Services

For assistance with individual visa applications, The London Link offers 3 levels of support depending on your requirements:

1) Consultation only – we will record and obtain details of your case, review the documents you provide during the 30 or 60 minute consultation, and answer any questions you may have. We can provide written advice you can rely on if you wish to make your own application.

2) Eligibility assessment – we will provide further assistance in order to help you submit your own application, although this will be without our representation, completion or submission of your application. We will advise and review all documents and the application you prepare yourself, plus advice in writing.

3) Full support and Representation – if you instruct us to prepare and submit your application, a further fee will be chargeable depending on the urgency, complexity, type of application we deal with on your behalf, number of dependents, also any specific requirements / requests you may have.

For example, an urgent Home Office Premium Service application may attract a higher fee compared with a non-urgent postal application.

All paid advice will be provided by an experienced OISC Level 2 or 3 accredited immigration lawyer on our team who will be your dedicated caseworker, together with two other team members who will provide additional support.

Whilst The London Link guarantees that the advice we provide will be in accordance with the latest / current published rules and guidance during the time we deliver these services to you, immigration rules / guidance / forms are subject to change at any time so please check with us if you are in any doubt.

We kindly request that payments be made in advance of the work we undertake for you.

For Employers hiring Non-EEA Nationals

Immigration Services

Over the last ten years, we have assisted many companies with obtaining Sponsor Licenses, conducting compliance checks and preparing work permit applications for professionals based in the UK and from overseas.

As an employer, you are not required to instruct us to manage the entire process for you, it is possible for us to undertake certain aspects of the work, depending on your requirements.

As an example, we would normally recommend first assessing the migrant’s eligibility to apply, then conducting a compliance audit on your office premises before applying for a sponsor’s license. If the migrant does not qualify or may qualify under other immigration categories, you may decide you do not require a sponsor license.

The following is an example of the various types of work we can carry out for the employer:

Eligibility assessment – we will obtain relevant information about the UK company, advise you in writing on the rules and requirements for Sponsorship, Sponsor responsibilities and roles to appoint, documentation required for the application and a review of these documents to ensure Home Office requirements can be met.

Sponsor License application – we can complete and submit a Sponsor license application and make representations on the Sponsor’s behalf to the Home Office, in order to obtain a license. This includes our submission of your company documents and a request to the Home Office for priority treatment of the application, if required.

Please note that service standards for processing license applications at the Home Office can vary greatly, depending on the demand for these applications (processing time can be 4-8 weeks)

Pre-Licensing Compliance visit: we will visit the employer’s premises in order to advise the employer of compliance requirements prior to a compliance visit from the Home Office, and to help ensure that there is an HR system that deals effectively with all employees, whatever their immigration status.

We can also assist you with a request for a Certificate of Sponsorship (COS) and to assign this COS to each migrant (this has to be done before an application is submitted). Prior to assigning the COS, we can provide advice on conducting a Resident Labour Market Test for the applicant, if this is required by the Home Office.

Once a license is obtained and a Certificate of Sponsorship assigned, the migrant will be required to make a separate application to the Home Office for a work permit.

Kindly note that all advice will be provided by an experienced OISC Level 2 or 3 immigration lawyer who deals with Sponsorship matters on our team, together with two other team members who will provide additional support. As an experienced OISC Level 3 immigration firm, we can guarantee all advice will be in accordance with the current immigration rules and guidance during the time we provide these services to you.

The London Link also provides regular assistance to companies on a longer term basis. Please Contact Us for a fee quote or for further details regarding our service contracts.